Heffel Fine Art Auction House will arrange to have Property purchased at the auction sale packed, insured and forwarded to the Purchaser at their request, expense and risk pursuant to the Terms and Conditions of Business set out in the Auction Sale Catalogue.

The Purchaser is aware and accepts that Heffel Fine Art Auction House does not operate a professional packing service and shall provide such assistance for the convenience only of the Purchaser.

Using its discretion, solely as an accommodation to Purchasers, Heffel Fine Art Auction House will pack, on its premises, small objects that are not fragile and prints in unglassed frames. Larger works will be forwarded to a professional art transport company. All such works are packed at the Purchaser’s risk and then transported by a carrier chosen at the discretion of Heffel Fine Art Auction House.

All packing, handling and shipping charges will be at the Purchaser's expense.

Works purchased may be subject to the Cultural Property Import and Export Act of Canada, and that compliance with the provisions of the said Act is the sole responsibility of the Purchaser.

If you currently have an account with, use our web site to fill out an electronic Shipping Form.

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or Download the Shipping Form from our site (in PDF format) and print, complete, sign and fax it to us at
604-732-4245 or 416-961-4245.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are examples of the most frequently asked questions regarding shipping the artworks.
Please read these questions and answers to better understand the shipping process.

Still can't find the answer to your question?

Please contact us by email or call 1 (800) 528-9608 toll free in North America, (604) 732-6505 or after business hours on cellular (604) 418-6505 for assistance.


Once a piece is purchased with Heffel Fine Art Auction House, is it the responsibility of the purchaser or the auction house to facilitate transport?

It is at the sole discretion of the purchaser to decide how and with whom to ship their piece. However, Heffel can recommend professional packing companies to arrange to have property purchased at their online/live auctions packed, insured, and forwarded to the purchaser at the purchaser's expense and risk, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Business outlined on our website ( and in our sales catalogues.

Works in Heffel's possession are not released to packing companies without a completed Shipping Form from purchasers, which can be completed online or from the inset form at the rear of our sales catalogues. Also, payment for works must be settled in full, 7 days from the close of the sale, before being released to packing companies.

Heffel does not operate a professional packing service and provides shipping assistance only for the convenience of the purchaser.

Please note: works not requiring transport may be picked up at the location of purchase any time during regular business hours.

If customs/export documentation or insurance is required, who provides this?

The packing company which the purchaser has chosen or agreed to ship which will provide this service and coverage.

What are the conditions of tax exemption for fine art?

A piece(s) is only tax exempt (GST/PST) if it is being shipped outside of Canada.

In both cases proof of export, such as a shipping waybill, must be provided as evidence of transport outside of Canada or the province. Outside of the these circumstances, if the piece is being picked up in the province of purchase, both GST/PST/HST charges will apply.

If I am not shipping the piece but pickup the piece to take outside of Canada or the province via air travel, is it possible to obtain a tax refund?

In this case we must charge GST and PST at the point of sale.

In order to receive a GST federal tax refund on a work, you must complete a Canada Customs and Revenue Agency ~ Application For Visitor Tax Refund, which can be obtained via the Revenue Canada website. At the airport is a Canada Customs desk, they must stamp the receipt for the work (must be stamped before departing Canada) and the completed application form can be submitted to them at that time.

Please note: the tax refund form can be completed and posted back to Canada Customs from outside the country but the receipt for the work must be stamped before departing Canada.

In order to receive a PST provincial tax refund on a work, you must complete a Refund of Retail Sales Tax form for the applicable province where the work was purchased, which can be obtained via the Ministry of Finance website for the applicable province along with further information. This form must be accompanied by a copy of the receipt stamped by Canada Customs and posted to the return address on the form.

Please note: PST provincial sales tax can only be refunded if the work is permanently removed from the applicable province within a certain period of time from the date in which the work is paid. For example in the province of Ontario, PST can only be refunded if the piece is removed from the province within 30 days of payment on the work being settled.

Which works being shipped outside of Canada require a Cultural Property Export Permit and are therefore subject to the Cultural Property Import and Export Act of Canada?

Typically original artwork which is over 50 years old and the artist is deceased. Please refer to the Canadian Cultural Property Export Control List for further details.

Does VAT (Value Added Tax) apply to original artwork upon re-entry to the United Kingdom?

For import of original artwork from a non-EU country to the United Kingdom, VAT is charged at 2.5%: for works that permanently left either the artist or the artist's estate before April 1, 1973. This rate applies to private galleries, art dealer, and private individuals. Approved and non-approved museums are classified separately.

All import/export customs duties and taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser.

I want my works shipped to an address that is different from my mailing address.

You have the option to ship your purchases to any address. In order to have your works shipped to an address that is different from your mailing address, you must fill that in on your shipping form, and sign the form. Please click here to view and download our shipping form.

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