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Christopher Pratt
ARCA CSGA OC 1935 - Canadian

The Lynx
silkscreen on paper 1965
signed, titled and editioned Artist Proof #4
17 x 29 1/2 pouces  43.2 x 74.9cm

Private Collection, Newfoundland

Jay Scott and Christopher Pratt, The Prints of Christopher Pratt, 1958 - 1991, Mira Godard Gallery, 1991, page 40, reproduced page 41 and listed page 112

Christopher Pratt wrote, "I have seen only one lynx in the wild, and that for such a brief, cat-flash of a time, I would not be sure of it had I not found its tracks. I had climbed over a little rise on the Murphy's River path. I saw this cat-shape in some bushes just ahead of me and an explosion, that was all; but its tracks were in the snow. Lynx are aloof and wild; they don't 'scavage' after man like bears and foxes.

I drew the animal against an expanse of barren land to emphasize its secretive, surrealistic stature in that wilderness. This is a rabbit's eye view of the lynx - its last view, I imagine.

I wanted to pay homage to the lynx. Later, we named our first racing sailboat 'Lynx.' "


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