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Guillermo Muñoz Vera
1956 - Chilean

Retrato de Fatima
oil on canvas on board
initialed and dated 2002
48 1/8 x 31 1/2 pouces  122.2 x 80cm

Opera Gallery, Paris
Property of an Important Estate, British Columbia

Guillermo Muñoz Vera was born in Concepción, Chile in 1956. He studied art at the University of Chile in Santiago in 1973 and held his first exhibition in 1976, before relocating to Spain in 1979. A master of technical precision, Muñoz Vera has established himself within a long standing tradition of Spanish Realist painters. Across genres, he maintains a thoughtful approach to representation of the everyday. Employing a delicate use of light and elegant compositions, Muñoz Vera brings dignity and subtle drama to his subjects: still-lifes, city streets, landscapes and portraits alike.

Retrato de Fatima, Muñoz Vera’s striking portrait of Fatima, depicts a woman completely veiled by her burqa. Following traditional portrait convention, Fatima faces forward, posture upright, the falling folds of her blue burqa illuminated by a soft, warm light. While her facial expression and eyes are completely concealed, the angle of her gaze is direct and confronting. She gathers the blue fabric of her burqa in front of her chest, a seemingly defensive gesture – creating a further barrier between subject and viewer. In naming the subject, but withholding nearly all other information, Muñoz Vera's portrait is an enigma.


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