Lot # 610
Impressionist & Historical Art Online auction

Maurice Galbraith Cullen
AAM RCA 1866 - 1934 Canadian

Pink Cloud
oil on canvas circa 1903
signed and on verso titled March Sunset, Cache River, Quebec on the gallery labels and certified by Cullen Inventory #1349
23 1/4 x 28 3/4 in  59.1 x 73cm

Overall Condition of Work
  - Overall, this work is in good condition.
Methods of Inspection
  - This work was inspected under ultraviolet light.
Surface Condition
  - Surface dust or grime present throughout.
Paint Layers
  - Stable cracking present throughout.
Previous Conservation/Restoration
  - This work has been professionally lined without tacking margins.
  - Professional retouching visible under ultraviolet light in the left half of the work.
Notes on Material
Comments on Condition
  The professional retouching noted is most prevalent in the area of the sky and the snow, predominantly in the left side of the work.
  Prepared by: Audra Branigan
  Report date: Tuesday, March 20, 2018


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