Jack Leonard Shadbolt
December Birds
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Highlights from DuPont Canada
Collection of DuPont Canada, 1st session
Lots # h001 - h023
closed for bidding

Works by William McElcheran
Collection of DuPont Canada, 2nd session
Lots # h101 - h119
closed for bidding

Faces and Figures
Collection of DuPont Canada, 3rd session
Lots # h201 - h231
closed for bidding

Canadian Art Part 1
Collection of DuPont Canada, 4th session
Lots # h301 - h350
closed for bidding

Canadian Art Part 2
Collection of DuPont Canada, 5th session
Lots # h401 - h443
closed for bidding

HO2 is a special online auction program dedicated to the sales of artworks from single consignor Corporate Collections.

The current HO2 online auctions are single consignor sales from the collection of DuPont Canada.

All HO2 Lots are sold as per Heffel's posted HO2 Special Terms of Sale. These terms are in addition to, and will take precedence over Auction Terms & Conditions of Business and Heffel's Code of Business Conduct, Ethics and Practices.

There is an automatic 3 minute bidding extension if a bid is submitted on any lot within the last 3 minutes on the bidding clock. These time extensions will continue to occur until there is a 3 minute period during which no bidding takes place.