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Raymond John Mead
L'automne 2015 - 1ère séance Vente en salle

Lot # 029

Raymond John Mead
CGP CSGA P11 1921 - 1998 Canadian

acrylic on burlap on canvas
signed and dated 1993 and on verso titled and dated
60 x 72 pouces  152.4 x 182.9cm

Estate of the Artist
Christopher Cutts Gallery, Toronto
Private Collection, Montreal
Private Collection, Toronto

Joan Murray, Ray Mead: Two Decades, The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, 1982, page 25

Painters Eleven artist Ray Mead had very strong feelings about colour. Regarding black, he stated, "It's a colour within a narrow dark range, which gives it power like a drumbeat. It's like a great wall which stops you." Indeed, the black gestural lines in Stargazer are both powerful and arresting, while also suggesting familiar shapes, such as an arched doorway, a bridge, or the headboard of a bed, and the circular forms are perhaps playful figures. Mead grounds these forms with an approach often seen in his mature works: wide, open expanses of canvas painted in a single hue. In Stargazer, the intensity of the fiery red pigment, and the sheer quantity of it on the canvas, is striking. Although the colour appears to be pure, Mead often used layers of underpainting to strengthen his final chosen shade. To keep the mood of the painting from being too serious, Mead tempers his "power" colours with dabs of cobalt dancing along the upper arch, a splash of tangerine and caramel in the centre of the painting, and highlights of green in the lower half of the canvas.

Estimation: 10,000 $ ~ 15,000 $ CAN

S'est vendu pour: 26,550.00 $ CAN (prime d'achat incluse)

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