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LOT 263

James Wilson Morrice
1865 - 1924

The Woodpile, Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré
oil on canvas
signed and on verso titled on the gallery labels, dated circa 1900 on the Kenneth G. Heffel Fine Art Inc. label, inscribed on a label by Joseph Shima "J.W. Morrice, R.C.A. 'The Woodpile, St. Anne'" / "Ex. coll. Lt. Col. F.S. Meighen" / "Ex. coll. W.G. Gibbs" / "Page 155 Donald Buchanan" / "No. 80 Memorial catalogue, National Gallery, Ottawa” and with the Dominion Gallery inventory #G4236 and stamped twice with the Dominion Gallery stamp
18 x 26 po 45.7 x 66 cm

Estimation : $1,000,000 - $1,500,000

Vendu pour : $1,180,000

Exposition à : Heffel Toronto – 13 avenue Hazelton

Collection of Lt. Col. F.S. Meighen, Montreal, 1913
Stevens Art Gallery, Montreal, 1946
L.M. Hart, Montreal
Dominion Gallery, Montreal, circa 1948
S.G. Bennett, Toronto, 1948
W.G. Gibbs, Montreal
Continental Galleries of Fine Art, Montreal
M. and Mme Maurice Corbeil, Boucherville, Quebec, 1953
Dominion Gallery, Montreal, 1972
Warwick Gallery, Vancouver
Kenneth G. Heffel, Private Collection, acquired from the above on September 11, 1972
Warwick Gallery, Vancouver, 1974
Stuart Wallace, Vancouver
Kenneth G. Heffel Fine Art Inc., Vancouver
Peter and Joanne Brown Collection, Vancouver, acquired from the above in 1985

S.M.P. [Samuel Morgan Powell], “Exhibition Shows Notable Features,” The Montreal Daily Star, March 25, 1913
Palette [St. George Burgoyne], “The Spring Exhibition at the Montreal Art Gallery,” The Saturday Mirror, March 29, 1913
One of the Moderns, “Bear Futurists If Only to Save Us from Bores of Repetition,” The Montreal Daily Herald, April 3, 1913
H. Mortimer Lamb, letter to the editor, in “Post-Impressionism Creates Much Discussion Locally,” The Montreal Daily Star, April 7, 1913
S. Morgan-Powell, letter to the editor, in “Post-Impressionism: What Julius Meier-Graeffe Really Thinks of It,” The Montreal Daily Star, April 16, 1913
Donald W. Buchanan, James Wilson Morrice: A Biography, 1936, page 155
“Art,” The Gazette (Montreal), July 13, 1946, reproduced
J. Russell Harper, Painting in Canada: A History, 1966, page 249, titled as The Woodpile, Sainte-Anne, reproduced in colour page 251
J. Russell Harper, Painting in Canada: A History, second edition, 1977, page 230, rep

Art Association of Montreal, Spring Exhibition, March 26 – April 16, 1913, exhibited as The Woodpile, Ste. Anne de Beaupré, catalogue #289, sold to F.S. Meighen, Montreal
Art Association of Montreal, Memorial Exhibition of Paintings by the Late James W. Morrice, R.C.A., January 16 - February 15, 1925, loaned by Lt. Col. F.S. Meighen, catalogue #68a
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, James Wilson Morrice, R.C.A., 1865 - 1924: Memorial Exhibition, November 25 - December 27, 1937, traveling to the Art Gallery of Toronto and the Art Association of Montreal, January - February 1938, loaned by Lt. Col. F.S. Meighen, catalogue #80

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Estimation : $1,000,000 - $1,500,000

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