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LOT 018

Gershon Iskowitz
1921 - 1988

Summer 77 #2
acrylic on canvas
on verso signed, titled and dated 1977
38 x 44 po 96.5 x 111.7 cm

Estimation : $25,000 - $35,000

Vendu pour : $32,450

Exposition à : Heffel Toronto – 13 avenue Hazelton

Gallery Moos Ltd., Toronto
Private Collection, Toronto

Adele Freedman, Gershon Iskowitz: Painter of Light, 1982, page 132, a similar 1976 oil entitled Deep Red No. 6 reproduced page 13

Viewing the Canadian landscape during a 1967 helicopter trip over Manitoba transformed Gershon Iskowitz’s painting, and his subsequent abstractions of the flickering light over the land into flurries of coloured marks on abstract backgrounds became the core of his oeuvre. Iskowitz’s images are based on natural form—he transforms recognizable images such as trees, leaves or sunsets into streaks and patches of coloured light. The use of the dot or patch of colour has been an enduring motif in his work.
As Adele Freedman notes, “In the seventies...Iskowitz was propelled into a fresh gust of activity.” During this time, he took two more trips north, in 1973 and 1977, both to the Yellowknife area. In a variation on the overall dappled surfaces he had been painting, he began to incorporate peninsulas, islands and matrixes of more solid colours studded by small patches of other hues, surrounded by light, dappled backgrounds. Summer 77 #2 is one of these works, and with its vibrant oranges and glowing background, it is a painting full of radiance and joy.

Estimation : $25,000 - $35,000

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