Lot # 066
L'automne 2017 - 1ère séance Live auction

Stanley Morel Cosgrove
CAS CGP QMG RCA 1911 - 2002 Canadian

Nature morte au pichet
oil on board
signed and dated 1949 and on verso titled on the Galerie Martin label and certified by Galerie d'art Mayfair
31 x 43 pouces  78.7 x 109.2cm

Galerie Martin, Montreal
Private Collection, Vancouver

In the 1930s, Stanley Cosgrove was part of the modernist trend of the School of Paris in Montreal. In 1939 he traveled to New York to broaden his horizons, and he immersed himself in the work of European artists such as Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, Georges Braque and Amedeo Modigliani. From there he went in 1940 to Mexico City, where he met José Clemente Orozco, from whom he learned the art of fresco painting. The techniques he acquired became a part of his work when he returned to Montreal in 1944.
Cosgrove is known for his classic still lifes, and Nature morte au pichet is a particularly fine and large-scale example from this important early period. Among the qualities of these works are the delicate tonal relationships of his colours, such as the pinkish tones of the drapery contrasted with peridot shadowing we see here. The delicate light and the softly modulated brushwork give this work a velvety surface. Smooth, sure strokes of dark paint define form, providing structure to his fluid planes of muted pastel. The pitcher, fruit and dishes are carefully placed and radiate an eloquent simplicity, expressive of Cosgrove’s sensitive feeling for his subject.

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