Lot # 059
L'automne 2017 - 1ère séance Live auction

Ronald Albert Martin
1943 - Canadian

Bright Red #2
acrylic on canvas
on verso signed, titled and dated May 1972
84 x 72 pouces  212.7 x 182.9cm

Studio of the Artist
Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto
Galerie Michael Werner, Cologne

Brydon Smith and Pierre Théberge, Boucherville, Montreal, Toronto, London, 1973: An Exhibition, National Gallery of Canada, 1973, reproduced, unpaginated

Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto, Ron Martin, December 30, 1972 - January 18, 1973, catalogue #25
National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Boucherville, Montreal, Toronto, London, 1973: An Exhibition, July 5 – September 3, 1973, catalogue #26
Galerie Michael Werner, Cologne, Ron Martin: Bilder 1971 - 76, July 3 - 31, 1978

In Bright Red #2, Ronald Martin’s belief in the possibility of paint to act as subject matter is evident, as he focuses on the manipulation of his material to create a work exclusively concerned with the physicality of paint. In the catalogue for the 1973 National Gallery of Canada exhibition where 14 of Martin’s red paintings were shown, Martin states that colour can “be totally representational of both its being and its appearance.” During the 1950s and 1960s, the art world experienced a period of anxiety regarding the adequacy of art to translate meaning from the artist to the viewer. Reminiscent of the Action Painting of previous decades, the vibrant red paint applied in whirling strokes results in an exciting experience for the viewer. Martin conveys the movement of his body in his composition, and the gestural shapes create an active and moving composition made even more vibrant by his red-hot hues.
This painting was exhibited at the prestigious Galerie Michael Werner, one of the most important contemporary art dealers in the world, which exhibits Peter Doig and has helped to foster many artists’ careers.

Estimation: 15,000 $ ~ 25,000 $ CAN  
Vendu pour: 55,250 $ CAN (prime d'achat incluse)

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