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LOT 412

1925 - 1996

Fishing Village
enamel on board
signed and dated 1988
24 x 47 3/4 po, 61 x 121.3 cm

Estimation : $6,000 - $8,000

Vendu pour : $16,250

Exposition à :

Acquired directly from the Artist
By descent to the present Private Collection, Toronto

Joe Norris, one of Canada’s most beloved folk artists, depicts the exemplary Fishing Village with cheerful colour and affection. Norris was a close observer of the Lower Prospect area of Nova Scotia. This is evident in the attention to detail we see in the harbour, from the native species of birds on the hand painted frame, to the ropes, boom and masts of the fishing vessels. The numerous figures are placed strategically to create a sense of bustle and activity. This allows the viewer to engage with the painting and become fleetingly immersed in the lives of these individual fishermen.

A work of this scale is exceptional and rare to the market. Joe Norris’ work is highly acclaimed and widely regarded.

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