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LOT 326

1898 - 1967

oil on canvas
16 x 20 1/4 po, 40.6 x 51.4 cm

Estimation : $12,000 - $16,000

Vendu pour : $12,500

Exposition à : Heffel Montréal

Private Collection, Montreal

On the verso of the frame, there is a fragment of a Continental Galleries of Fine Art label.

In a line of painters working in an Impressionist style in Canada, such as Maurice Cullen and James Wilson Morrice, Robert Pilot was the last important painter to follow this movement. His sensitive handling of atmosphere was outstanding, as seen here in the cool winter light that evenly suffuses the scene. This is a classic composition for Pilot—a view onto the Château Frontenac and the Dufferin Terrace—and includes one of his favourite motifs, the charming gazebo on the terrace. Winter is replete with interesting details that express the active life of the city, such as the procession of people trudging along and the horse-drawn sleighs. Pilot’s depiction of the urban life of old Quebec captures a nostalgic feeling of another era. His handling of snow is masterful—in the textures of slush on the road and the light layer of snow coating the scene and softly melting at the edges, he captures the distinctive look of winter in Quebec.

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