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LOT 608

1885 - 1970

oil on board
signed and on verso inscribed "Collection Bess Harris" / "BH C9" / "3A", with the Doris Mills inventory #7/36 and variously on the Bekins label
12 x 15 po, 30.5 x 38.1 cm

Estimation : $15,000 - $20,000

Vendu pour : $55,250

Exposition à : Heffel Vancouver

Estate of the Artist
By descent to the present Private Collection

Doris Mills, L.S. Harris Inventory, 1936, Rocky Mountain Sketches, Group 7, catalogue #36 location noted as the Studio Building, and a drawing of the original painting on this board illustrated by Hans Jensen

Later in his career, Lawren Harris turned to painting purely abstract forms. Occasionally, he would scrape earlier landscape and mountain sketches painted in the 1920s from their original panels, re-painting his abstract works on the almost bare surfaces. The original mountain sketch on this panel in from his Rocky Mountain period, circa 1926 – 1928, #7/36 in the Doris Mills inventory. The ghost of the mountains are still lingering underneath, and traces of the blue sky are still visible. The mountains work as a subtle stencil for his abstract forms, proving that the historic and spiritual experience of painting in the Rockies in the 1920s stayed with Harris throughout his lifetime. Rare and interesting panels such as Untitled provide a critical link between Harris’s landscapes and abstract periods, and are important examples in his significant career.

We thank Alec Blair, Director/ Lead Researcher, Lawren S. Harris Inventory Project, for assisting with the research on this lot.

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