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LOT h013

1890 - 1967

Place Jacques-Cartier
oil on canvas
23 x 28 in, 58.4 x 71.1 cm

Estimate: $8,000 - $12,000

Sold for: $13,750

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Important Corporate Collection

Adrien Hébert is celebrated for his modernist style, and in his impressive oeuvre, captured the metropolitan bustle of Montreal’s harbour and city streets. His compositions often include passing vehicles, horses, pedestrians, city architecture and market gatherings. As the son of renowned Montreal sculptor Louis-Philippe Hébert, student of William Brymner and admirer of the work of Impressionists such as Claude Monet and Alfred Sisley, Hébert had, from a young age, developed a keen eye attuned to the beauty of his everyday surroundings. The view of Place Jacques-Cartier was a favoured subject of Hébert’s; the same locale is pictured in his 1939 painting The Market at Place Jacques-Cartier, in the collection of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Through his expert handling of soft snowy greys and muted tones, Hébert deftly captures the calm streets and serene atmosphere of Place Jacques-Cartier in a quintessential Montreal winter.

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