Lot # 004
Printemps 2012 - 1ère session Live auction

Gordon Appelbe Smith
BCSFA CGP CPE OC RCA 1919 - Canadian

oil on canvas circa 1965
26 x 32 pouces  66 x 81.3cm

Private Collection, Vancouver

A new direction emerged in Gordon Smith’s work in 1965 that incorporated bold colour and a dynamic tension between forms and lines that expanded from the centre and beyond the limitation of the edge of the canvas. These works, of which Abstract is a superlative example, were imbued with a kind of nervous energy, activated by a vivid colour palette. Explosive central forms hover on rich colour fields as Smith painted with a daring eloquence. The physics of expansion and compression were at play and in movement, creating sensations of both tension and freedom. Various subjects were indicated in these works by their titles, such as gardens, landscapes and still life, but abstraction was dominant. The 1965 oil considered to be the initiatory painting of this group – entitled Red Wizard, Red – achieved considerable recognition and was reproduced in Time magazine. In 1966, a retrospective of Smith’s work was mounted at the University of British Columbia Fine Arts Gallery including works from this series, further reinforcing Smith’s eminence in British Columbia’s artistic community.

Estimation: 20,000 $ ~ 30,000 $ CAN  
Vendu pour: 38,025 $ CAN (prime d'achat incluse)

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