Lot # 001
March 2017 - 1st Session Online auction

Sybil Andrews
CPE 1898 - 1992 Canadian

oil on canvas circa 1942 ~ 1945
signed and on verso stamped Winsor & Newton, London, England
20 x 16 in  50.8 x 40.6cm

Private Collection, Vancouver

Boatyard was painted circa early to mid-1940s, a time of transition both artistically and personally for Sybil Andrews. During World War II, Andrews stopped producing linocuts and moved out of London, taking a job in 1942 with the British Power Boat Company at Hythe near Southampton. During this period Andrews created a small group of oil paintings of this subject, such as Boatyard. In the process of creating these unique oils, Andrews made preliminary sketches of the shipyard. Andrews explained, “I wrote to Colonel Searle, who was then head of the firm…..I said who I was, where trained, where exhibited etc., and said what a pity it was that no record could be made of the work going on, of the boats being built and I asked if I could be given permission to make notes of the composition etc. for me to work on after the war, and to my astonishment I was given authority to make sketches. So I had my little notebook in the pocket of my overalls, and was able to make quick sketches of what I wanted.” Although it is not known how many oils she produced, Michael Parkin and Denise Hooker commented that “After the war Sybil made use of these sketches in a series of seven canvases which can now be seen in the R.A.F. Museum in Hendon.” Boatyard is a testament to Andrews’s ability with color modeling and her strong sense of composition, developed during the innovative period when she was involved with the Grosvenor School of Modern Art between 1925 and the late 1930s. Boatyard showcases Andrews’s skill with oil paint, exhibiting exceptionally nuanced brushwork. It is a fine and rare example of her work on canvas. After immigrating to Canada in 1947, Andrews returned to linocuts as her primary mode of artistic expression in 1951, and in that same year became a member of the Society of Canadian Painters-Etchers and Engravers.


$15,000 ~ $25,000 CAD

Final Bid: $40,000 CAD
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20848 30/03/2017 9:03:59 AM $40,000 Autobid
12885 30/03/2017 9:03:59 AM $37,500
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12885 29/03/2017 5:53:49 AM $32,500
20848 28/03/2017 8:17:36 PM $30,000 Autobid
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