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Jean Paul Riopelle
Printemps 2015 - 1ère séance Vente en salle

Lot # 048

Jean Paul Riopelle
AUTO CAS OC QMG RCA SCA 1923 - 2002 Canadian

La lanterne magique
oil on canvas
signed and on verso titled, dated 1958 and 1959 on two different gallery labels and stamped Dominion Gallery, Montreal
28 3/4 x 39 1/4 pouces  73 x 99.7cm

Dominion Gallery, Montreal
Equinox Gallery, Vancouver, 1973
An Important Corporate Collection, Vancouver

Evan H. Turner, 25 Quebec Painters, Stratford Festival Art Exhibition, 1961, listed, unpaginated
Pierre Théberge et al., Jean Paul Riopelle, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 1992, page 28
Yseult Riopelle, Jean Paul Riopelle Catalogue Raisonné, Volume 2, 1954 - 1959, 2004, image reproduced page 277 with Myriade due to incorrect labeling of photos by Dominion Gallery in source material, catalogue #1957.127H.1957 and listed catalogue #1958.111H.V1958

Stratford Festival Art Exhibition, Ontario, 25 Quebec Painters, June 19 - September 23, 1961
The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Western Canada Art Circuit Exhibition
Dominion Gallery, Montreal, Georges Mathieu - Jean Paul Riopelle, April 18 - 31, 1966

As French art critic and poet Jacques Dupin wrote, "Riopelle.....works in a series of crises, outbursts, in a sort of fury and hypnotic explosion that leaves no room for pauses, corrections or second thoughts.....Colour comes bursting out of the tube, hurls itself onto the pliable palette knife and then takes possession of the entire canvas....." This is an apt comment for La lanterne magique, full of passionate gesture and colour. In the late 1950s, Jean Paul Riopelle was leaving behind his mosaic works of the mid-1950s but, as evidenced here, was still using mosaic fragments amongst his palette knife strokes. Areas of white act as light-filled breathing spaces amid the dominant black, animated by hot reds and jewel-toned purple, blue and green.
The title La lanterne magique (Magic Lantern) likely refers to an early precursor of the movie projector that used two glass slides, one moved by hand with a mechanism and one stationary, to produce a projected image. One could speculate that here the magical illusion of motion is created in paint by the jostling of colour and the swirl of gesture, giving the work its intense vitality.

Estimation: 100,000 $ ~ 150,000 $ CAN

S'est vendu pour: 129,800.00 $ CAN (prime d'achat incluse)

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