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Cornelius David Krieghoff
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Cornelius David Krieghoff
1815 - 1872 Canadian

The Artist and His Friends
oil on canvas
signed and dated indistinctly 1849
12 x 14 pouces  30.5 x 35.6cm

Galerie Walter Klinkhoff Inc., Montreal
By descent to a Private Collection, Montreal
Private Collection, Vancouver

J. Russell Harper, Krieghoff, 1979, similar oil on canvas entitled The Game of Cards reproduced page 33

When Cornelius Krieghoff painted this charming scene in 1849, he had firmly established himself in Montreal. At this stage in his career he was producing interior scenes of remarkable charm and character. He had mastered the play of light in a darkened room and was able to concentrate on the humorous interplay between characters. A similar work from 1848, A Game of Cards, is in the collection of the National Archives of Canada in Ottawa. The reason for the popularity of these paintings both at the time and today can be explained by the deft touch with which Krieghoff was able to add authentic details in the clothing, furnishings and accoutrements which are portrayed. Krieghoff was creating a fascinating record of life in French Canada.
However, this rare painting is not just a record of any group of habitants. By using his friends as subjects and adding himself into the scene, Krieghoff has made a truly historic painting. In studying this work it is worthwhile to view a near-contemporary photograph, C. Krieghoff & Friends, 1856, in the Notman Photographic Archives at the McCord Museum of Canadian History in Montreal. It shows how, despite the appearance of caricature, Krieghoff has actually captured remarkable likenesses.

Estimation: 60,000 $ ~ 80,000 $ CAN

S'est vendu pour: 57,500.00 $ CAN (prime d'achat incluse)

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