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Alexander Colville
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Alexander Colville
PC CC 1920 - 2013 Canadian

Study for Looking Down
acrylic and ink on paper
signed and dated 16 May - 1 June 1988
7 1/4 x 7 1/4 pouces  18.4 x 18.4cm

Philip Frey, Alex Colville: Paintings, Prints and Processes 1983 – 1994, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, 1995, preparatory drawings for Looking Down: three reproduced page 119, one on page 34, one on page 36, and the painting for which this is a study entitled Looking Down reproduced page 34, and eight drawings for this painting listed pages 174 – 175
Tom Smart, Alex Colville: Return, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, 2003, the painting for which this is a study entitled Looking Down (in the collection of the Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto) reproduced page 96

Colville usually does a series of exploratory drawings in a variety of media over a period of months prior to producing a painting. These preparatory works can range from a simple pencil sketch with notes, to a final small finished acrylic work, such as this superb study. Each work is precisely dated, and acts like a diary to record his explorations of the elements of the future painting, such as scale, perspective, colour and the placement of each object and person, until he has reached a carefully crafted image. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts exhibited eight drawings leading up to this painting in their 1995 Colville show, which ran from January 23 to May 15. Looking Down has a theme that Colville has often explored – boats and water, with the underlying theme of journeys and the longing that accompanies them. Although you cannot see their faces, there is an unspoken bond that units this couple, she utterly absorbed in what she sees under the surface, he standing over her in a protective and caring stance. Colville involves us in their contemplation of the mysterious depths and the subtle dynamic of their relationship.

Estimation: 18,000 $ ~ 22,000 $ CAN

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